Former Bushie Dana Perino Came Very Close To Throttling Megyn Kelly Live On Air Today

Tense moment on today’s Megyn Kelly show.

Kelly had on former George W. Bush press secretary (and co-host of The Five) Dana Perino to talk about Rick Perry‘s remarks about the Bush family on today’s Laura Ingraham radio show.

On the show Perry had defended his relationship with the Bushes, which has been rumoured to be tense, especially since Karl Rove made the TV rounds following Perry’s announcement to not-so-subtly denounce him

Said Perry: “[A]t the end of the day, I’m Rick Perry, and I am who I am. I’ve got my own record. I’m not George Bush. I don’t try to be. I respect him, I consider him to be a friend.”

After playing the clip, a completely straight-faced and emphatic Kelly seemingly challenged Perino on the tenseness between thte parties:

“You’re one of the initial instigators!  You and Karl Rove!  That’s who they’re talking about with the anti-Perry push, aren’t you?!”

Cue absolutely frozen, if-looks-could-kill, glare from Perino.

Turns out Megyn Kelly was kidding (or so she said…it seemed like a bit of a panicked walk-back on her part), but wow, that was a long, loaded pause there.  The sort of thing you rarely see on Fox.  

Death glare exchange starts about 1:20pm.