Dana Carvey does amazing impressions of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Dana carvey trump impression conanTBS/ YouTubeDana Carvey impersonates Donald Trump on ‘Conan.’

Dana Carvey still has it.

The former “Saturday Night Live” star appeared Tuesday night on TBS’s “Conan” and got roped into doing his impersonations of this year’s presidential election candidates.

Host Conan O’Brien wondered how Carvey was going to evolve his impersonation of Donald Trump in light of this year’s presidential race.

“If he starts World War III, we’ll be in our bunkers, and he’ll still be selling us on closed-captioned TV,” Carvey said, before throwing himself into a hilarious impersonation of the real-estate mogul.

“I do him very feminine, I don’t know why,” Carvey added before launching into an impression of Trump getting a manicure.

Before he got into his Bernie Sanders impression, Carvey explained the key to impersonating the Democrat.

“Because of first impressions, I try to think about how you can teach people,” he explained. “What I discovered about him was that he talks in three- to four-word increments.”

And how about Hillary Clinton? Carvey was more interested in impersonating her husband.

“Hillary, to me, is the little engine that could, never gets tired,” he said, before explaining that he always pictures her husband Bill Clinton in her ear. 

“I feel like Bill is back there all the time, because Bill is the master,” he said.

Watch Carvey’s election impressions below.

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