Dan Savage's MTV Show Explores The Hook-Up Scene At Cornell

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Photo: MTV.com

In last week’s episode of Dan Savage’s new sex-centric MTV show “Savage U,” the infamous sex columnist hits up Cornell to see if book smarts translate to bedroom smarts.What Savage finds is that the ivy leaguers are pretty darn clueless when it comes to all matters between the sheets.

That’s not to say that they’re not having sex, Savage discovers. They’re actually having a ton of it, just not in the old-school monogamous way.

Hook-up culture, we learn, reigns supreme. And it’s not uncommon (or even taboo) for one student to go home with the same partner his friend did the weekend prior, one bar-goer explains to Savage.

Throughout his visit Savage fielded plenty of awkward, cringe-worthy and shameless questions from the curious students. Some of our favourites included: “man-scaping, your thoughts?,” “how can I come out as gay to my ex-girlfriend without making her mad” and “my roommate has been third-wheeling my girlfriend and I a lot recently, how can I get him to stop being a human condom?”

But Savage’s greatest find is this: Cornell kids LOVE doing it in the library. So much so that it’s at the very top of their 161-item campus-wide bucket list. 

For the racier stuff, watch the episode yourself:


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