“PEOPLE RATTED ON ONE ANOTHER”: Former Anchor Dan Patrick Talks About The New ESPN Tell-All Book

Keith Olbermann Dan Patrick

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Former ESPN anchor and Keith Olbermann partner Dan Patrick shared some of his thoughts on the upcoming expose of his old network, “Those Guys Have All Fun,” at least part of which focuses on his old SportsCenter days.On his radio show yesterday, Patrick at first tried to downplay the significance of the book, saying people probably aren’t going to get exactly what they want.

An earlier book on the network and many of the leaks have focused on the more salacious (i.e. sex) details, but he warns readers not to expect that this time around.

But then Patrick turned around and sold us on what is (to us) the even more intriguing aspect of the story – the fact that many ESPNers were not afraid to tell embarrassing stories about their co-workers.

Said Patrick:

“People ratted on one another. That was really what was sad. People just turned and fired. It was ‘ready, fire, aim.’ And people just turned and stabbed everybody. That’s what I found out, which is really disheartening….

“You build friendships. It’s a great place. But there are people there who are conniving, backstabbing and jealous … There’ll be bloodshed, it’ll be ugly. It’ll be embarrassing.”

It seems that even more important than having their dirty laundry aired, the people involved want to know who aired it. Who was jealous of them? Who tired to tear them down? For the people still at the network, it might be someone sitting right next to them.

That makes outsiders like us want to read it even more.

You can listen to Patrick’s full comments by downloading his podcast at his website. They come in the last half of the third hour of the May 17th show.