Meet The Guy Who Quit His Job To Play 10,000 Hours Of Golf

dan mclaughlin
Dan McLaughlin

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According to the St. Petersburg Times, Dan McLaughlin quit his job on his 30th birthday and decided to become a professional golf player.He had never even picked up a golf club in his life.

In the book “Outliers,” author Malcolm Gladwell put forth the theory that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become “great” at something. McLaughlin will play golf six hours a day for six days a week for the next six years in order to become good enough to play for a living.

He is keeping detailed records of his practice and progress while blogging about the entire experience. People who study expertise say no one’s ever before undertaken something like this before.

McLaughlin used to be a commercial photographer, but he quit when it became unfulfilling in order to pursue the experiment. He’s entirely self-funded with money he was saving for grad school.

McLaughlin passed 1,400 hours of practice on April 15 and and his family says they’ve noticed big changes in him. His mother said he’s very driven, his father said he’s more confident and focused, and his brother is even envious of the project, nicknamed “The Dan Plan.”

McLaughlin said, “If I could become a professional golfer the world is literally open to any options for anybody…what I’m trying to do with this project is demonstrate how far you’re able to go if you’re willing to put in the time…I’m testing human potential.”

Dan McLaughlin seems to firmly believe that the secret to success isn’t a secret. It’s just lots and lots of work. We look forward to seeing where he goes.

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