Dan Loeb Sold Some Yahoo Stock

Heidi Gutman/ CNBCBillionaire hedge funder Daniel Loeb, who runs Third Point LLC, has filed his fund’s 13F for the quarter ended March 31st. 

According to the securities filing, Loeb has completely exited his stakes in Morgan Stanley and Herbalife during Q1.  

He owned 7,750,000 shares of Morgan Stanley in the previous quarter.  

Back in January, Loeb took aim at Morgan Stanley execs over compensation.

Third Point also 3,100,000 shares of Herbalife in Q4.  It was reported last week at the SALT conference in Las Vegas that he had exited the position.  

Loeb famously snapped up a big stake in Herbalife shortly after hedge fund manager Bill Ackman publicly said he was shorting the stock because he believes it’s a “pyramid scheme.”  Loeb called Ackman’s thesis “preposterous.”  

He pared back his massive stake in Yahoo! in the first quarter.  Third Point owned 62,000,000 shares compared with 73,000,400 in the previous quarter. 

He also purchased 25,000 Apple call options in the first quarter. 

Just a reminder, hedge funds only have to disclose their long holdings in these filings. 

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