Dan Loeb Quit A Think Tank Because The Co-Founder Bashed Paul Ryan

dan loeb

Dan Loeb, the founder of Third Point LLC who is known writing scathing letters to companies and CEOs, quit a political think tank after the co-founder bashed Republican VP pick Paul Ryan.

The Weekly Standard’s Arthur C. Brooks reports: (emphasis ours)  

…the cofounder of the nonpartisan self-described “moderate” organisation Third Way has described Ryan as a “radical and a bomb-thrower.” (So shrill have the organisation’s attacks on Ryan been that they provoked long-time Third Way donor and trustee Daniel Loeb, a New York financier, to resign his board membership in disgust, writing, “I can no longer support a group which is in the back pocket of this administration.”

The billionaire hedge fund manager, who supported Obama in 2008, is now a Mitt Romney bundler, AR Magazine’s Lawrence Delevingne reported. 

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