Jeff Van Gundy called into an ESPN Radio show to defend his brother in a heated potato chip debate

ESPNStan Van Gundy (left) and Jeff Van Gundy called a game together on ESPN.
  • A heated argument about potato chip flavours broke out on “The Dan Le Batard Show” on Friday.
  • Former NBA coach and executive Stan Van Gundy argued that plain potato chips with dip are better than flavored chips, incensing the show’s hosts and producers.
  • Stan’s brother, former NBA coach and now ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy called into the show to defend Stan, then compared the situation to the 2005 film “Hitch.”

The sports argument of the day was not a recycled argument about the Super Bowl, the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, the NBA trade deadline, or MLB free agency.

It was about potato chips.

On Friday, “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” had former NBA coach and executive Stan Van Gundy on when the interview got side-tracked and turned into a debate over potato chips.

Van Gundy argued that plain potato chips are the best flavour and that dips, like a french onion dip, are the best way to make them more flavorful.

The producers on the show vehemently disagreed with Van Gundy’s opinion, with co-host Jon “Stugotz” Weiner arguing that, like pizza, plain flavours are good, but are enhanced with more toppings.

As the argument reached a boiling point, the show had a caller who wanted to weigh in on the debate – Jeff Van Gundy, Stan’s brother, and a former NBA coach and ESPN analyst. Jeff stuck up for his brother.

“I agree with him,” Jeff said. He went on to say a few flavours like barbecue and salt and vinegar are good also.

Jeff then launched into an analogy, comparing chips to the 2005 movie “Hitch,” starring Will Smith and Kevin James.

“You want to stay in your wheelhouse. Sort of like the ‘Hitch’ movie,” Jeff said. “You remember ‘Hitch,’ where Will Smith was teaching Kevin James … you stay right there? That’s what you gotta do with potato chips. It’s like why you go with plain M&Ms over peanut M&Ms.” The producers again got heated by this take. The argument, like most sports debates, was not resolved.

Watch the clip below:

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