Billionaire Dan Gilbert has invested $5.6 billion in nearly 100 properties in Detroit — see the full map of exactly what he owns

Richard Feloni/Business InsiderQuicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert’s real estate company Bedrock owns a major portion of downtown Detroit.

  • Dan Gilbert moved his mortgage company, Quicken Loans, to downtown Detroit in 2010 and founded his real-estate firm Bedrock a year later, when the city was just a few years from bankruptcy.
  • Bedrock has invested or allocated a total of $US5.6 billion across 100 or so properties in downtown Detroit and nearby neighbourhoods, and said it has 98% occupancy of office and residential properties.
  • Business Insider’s interactive map includes information on each of these properties, from the historic Art Deco towers to new developments.
  • This article is part of Business Insider’s ongoing series on Better Capitalism.

Detroit’s downtown is undergoing a significant transformation, and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert is behind much of it.

Gilbert moved Quicken Loans, now the largest mortgage company in America, to downtown Detroit in 2010. It was a time when the city was struggling, and was three years shy of declaring bankruptcy. Gilbert grew up right outside of Detroit and wanted to grow his portfolio of businesses while helping revive its long-quiet downtown. He began buying and developing properties through his real estate company Bedrock, formed in 2011, while it seemed the rest of the world was only concerned with the spectacle of ruins scattered throughout a once thriving city.

Today, Bedrock’s portfolio contains around 100 properties, and over the last eight years has invested and allocated a total of $US5.6 billion into Detroit. Bedrock says that its office and residential spaces have 98% occupancy and others in development have wait lists. The parent company for both Quicken Loans and Bedrock, Rock Ventures, is the city’s largest employer and taxpayer.

We’ve created an interactive map that includes every Bedrock property and development site at the time of publishing, along with the Greektown Casino and Hotel, which is overseen by Gilbert’s casino gaming company Jack Entertainment. You can adjust, zoom, and hover over an icon to learn more about a property, and clicking a category hides it from the map.

To learn more about Gilbert and his team’s massive Detroit project, check out our in-depth feature that includes insight from Gilbert, Mayor Mike Duggan, and Detroiters with a variety of opinions about changes taking place.

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