You can finally watch 'King of Instagram' Dan Bilzerian's highly anticipated PSA about shooting guns responsibly

As part of a deal cut with prosecutors for an explosives charge, Dan Bilzerian (aka the “King of Instagram”) had to film a PSA for the Bureau of Land Management about shooting guns responsibly. 

Since that bit of news was announced in early February, fans and haters of the Instagram-famous Bilzerian have been waiting patiently for the PSA to arrive. 

Bilzerian, who has amassed over 7 million followers on Instagram by posting pictures of scantily-clad women, guns, stacks of money, and private planes, is hardly reserved in any medium in which he’s shown off his luxury life to his fans. He was recently kicked off Snapchat (hours after joining) when he snapped a story that contained video of women’s breasts.

People have been wondering about the PSA since it was announced nearly 7 weeks ago. What would it say? What would Bilzerian be like on camera for a government-mandated educational video? It was hard to imagine a Bilzerian reading from a script.

Six weeks later, the PSA has finally been released, and it’s pretty amazing. It’s about gun safety in open land, and Bilzerian himself is speaking as if someone is actually holding a gun to his head. 

He’s one-note the entire time.

Then, the camera pans out, and we see the background of the room Bilzerian is using to film in.

Lots of fun Easter eggs here!

He says a lot of things about gun safety — and it’s definitely scripted — but making the PSA means Bilzerian can avoid jail time. 

Read more about Bilzerian’s crazy antics here, and watch the full PSA below:

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