The notorious 'King of Instagram' claims the LAPD wrongfully seized his guns

Dan BilzerianYouTubeBilzerian in a PSA he had to make following explosives charges.

Dan Bilzerian is having yet another run-in with the law — but this time, he’s alleging that they’re the ones who overstepped.

Bilzerian, a wealthy heir whose playboy antics have earned him a following of 13.8 million people on Instagram, claims that the Los Angeles Police Department broke into his closet and took nine firearms when responding to a burglary call.

He also alleges that the cops kept the nine guns without a warrant, according to the Washington Times.

He says it took a week for the LAPD to return the firearms to him.

Bilzerian is an outspoken gun rights advocate with apparent libertarian leanings, so this seizure of his weapons really rubbed him the wrong way.

“All of my ammunition and the magazines were gone,” he told the Washington Times. “And they couldn’t explain what happened to the magazines, but that ammo couldn’t be released with a firearm and that I’d have to schedule a separate three-hour visit for the ammo. If they are gonna take the guns and make me wait for three hours at the police station, they should at the very least return what came with them.” 

This all went down on September 5, when burglars broke into Bilzerian’s home while he was out of town, according to a police report obtained by the Washington Times. They tried to break into a steel-reinforced closet where Bilzerian stores his weapons, but to no avail.

The police eventually arrived. They didn’t catch the burglars, but they “forced their way inside the closet where the guns were stored,” the Times reports. Then, they took the guns. Bilzerian says the cops did this “to secure the home in case the burglars attempted a second break-in,” according to the Times.  But weirdly, they left some of the most dangerous weapons behind.

“They broke into our closet and took them after we were burglarized,” said Jeremy Guymon, Bilzerian’s assistant. “It’s not like we were doing anything wrong.”

We asked Bilzerian’s publicist if the Instagram sensation will pursue any legal action, but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

This isn’t Bilzerian’s first scuffle with the law. 

Bilzerian created a pretty memorable gun safety PSA in April after landing in hot water for shooting at explosive targets.

He also made headlines in 2014 after being sued by a woman he threw from a roof as part of a photo shoot, and by a woman who claimed he kicked her in the face in a nightclub

The ongoing legal issues don’t seem to be bothering Bilzerian, though. A recent Instagram post shows him shooting off a machine gun in the desert with a crew of half-naked women in honour of Veterans Day. It’s got 381,000 likes.

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