Damn It Feels Good To Be At Barclays

The new employees at Barclays—those who were employed at Lehman until just a couple of weeks ago—are quickly discovering that their new firm offers some very nice and important perks.

Gym Membership. Barclays is apparently serious about building a healthier investment banking culture. It will spring for 50% of gym memberships, reimbursing employees for up to $400 of gym expenses.

Flexible Holidays. Barclays allows employees to choose whether or not they want to take off for Veterans Day and Columbus Day. Those who work those days get to have two extra personal days.

More Vacation. Lehman Brothers employees did not accumulate any vacation for the first six months of their employment. Barclays is not only more generous, allowing employees to accumulate vacation days from the start, they are pro-rating vacation days that new employees didn’t accumulate at Lehman but would have accumulated at Barclays. Time off for good behaviour!

No word yet on the important issue of whether the notoriously bad cafeteria at Lehman will be improved. We here in the post-bankruptcy week, things got really, really bad.

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