Damn! California Public Employees Get Paid A Lot

In a way this is actually really good news. Seeing how much state workers in California make means the state should be able to cut a lot of fat without drastic cuts in services.

Over at MyProps, a user has posted a list of some San Francisco salaries, based on this database, and as you can see, they make some pretty tall coin. We’re talking police officers and various public health officers making over $200,000. Now it’s true that San Francisco is an expensive city, but it’s true that a lot of people get by on much less than that.

Of course, given the power of state unions in California, cutting salaries is really difficult, if not impossible. But at least in theory, the state of California could probably exist as an entity if it had more leeway on costs and taxes. So that’s something to hang your hat on.

san francisco salaries

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