Damn! California Pensioners Are Guaranteed A Lot

We were already blown away by what some of the top public-employees in California make, but this may be even more flabbergasting. ZeroHedge points to this database of the top CalPER’s recipients, and how much they make each year. All-told, there are 5,115 people taking home more than 100k from their pensions each year (AKA: For not working). Granted, they’ve had money taken out of their paychecks to pay for their pensions, BUT it’s all guaranteed by the taxpayer. So while we might suffer from the down market, California’s state pensioners can offload the burden to the taxpayer.

Check it the top 10 list below. The number one recipient is a guy named  Bruce Malkenhorst, who according to Forbes ran a virtual dictatorship in the town of Vernon, CA.

Vernon is run by two families: the Malburgs and the Malkenhorsts, neither of which agreed to be interviewed. The bespectacled Leonis C. Malburg, 77, whose grandfather founded Vernon in 1905, has been mayor for 33 years. Bruce Malkenhorst, 71, was for 32 years the city administrator as well as clerk, finance director, treasurer, redevelopment agency secretary and chief executive of the utility Vernon Light & Power. The city was reportedly paying him $600,000 a year, more than twice what L.A.’s mayor earns, until he resigned all posts unexpectedly and without public announcement in 2005. By most accounts Malkenhorst still pulls the strings. His appointed successor is his 42-year-old son, Bruce Jr.

Theirs is a benign dictatorship. Who would run against them? Outsiders hoping to move into town are denied housing permits and Vernon’s 32 houses and apartments are owned by the city and leased to its employees for as little as $150 per month. In 1980 Malkenhorst Sr. evicted a former cop from his Vernonowned house after he ran against Malkenhorst’s  favoured candidates. Last year the state Superior Court forced Malkenhorst Jr. to move ahead with an election he had derailed on the grounds that the three challengers had moved in illegally. Once the votes were counted, the incumbents won anyway—in a landslide.

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