Browns defensive back potentially on the hook for millions after making gutsy bet against the Cavaliers on Twitter

Dylan Buell/Getty ImagesNewly signed Browns defensive back Damarious Randall made a bold bet against the Cavaliers on Twitter, and quickly became the most retweeted football player ever.
  • Browns defensive back Damarious Randall wagered on Twitter that he would buy a jersey for every fan who retweeted his post should the Cleveland Cavaliers upset the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.
  • The post quickly went viral, and now Randall looks to be on the hook for over $US70 million in jerseys if Cleveland can take down Golden State.
  • Recently retired Browns left tackle Joe Thomas joked with Randall about a wager of his own in response.

Newly signed Browns defensive back Damarious Randall will be facing quite a problem if the Cleveland Cavaliers were to pull off the upset over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Golden State won Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals over the Houston Rockets to set up the fourth consecutive meeting between the Warriors and Cavaliers. Following the game, Randall tweeted out a wager to his followers, claiming he’d buy a jersey for everyone who retweeted if the Cavaliers wound up winning the title.

Had the tweet gone mostly unnoticed in the night, it would hardly become a story. But unfortunately for Randall, the message quickly went viral, amassing hundreds of thousands of retweets and showing no signs of slowing down.

Damarious Randall tweet 2@RandallTime / TwitterIn less than two days Randall’s tweet amassed over 700,000 retweets.

As with any Twitter bet that goes insanely viral, there’s little expectation that Randall will follow through with the deal should the Cavaliers defy the odds and take down Stephen Curry and company. The tweet already has over 700,000 retweets, and assuming $US100 per jersey, the $US70 million Randall would be on the hook to provide internet strangers with jerseys exceeds his career earnings several times over.

Randall got a bit of a roasting from recently retired Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, who joked that he’d match the offer with game-worn Steph Curry jerseys for his followers should the Warriors prevail.

Joe thomas 2@JoeThomas73 / TwitterJoe Thomas responds in jest to Randall’s wager.

We won’t know if or how Randall will have to pay up for his end of the deal until the Finals conclude, and thankfully for him, the Cavaliers’ chances look rather slim – Cleveland is the biggest Finals underdog in 16 years according to Las Vegas bookmakers.

Still, chances are there will be few people in Cleveland rooting for the Warriors to win as hard as Randall over the next two weeks.

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