Parents Are Furious After Exclusive NYC Private School Emails Names Of Rejected Students

Dalton School

Photo: The Dalton School

The Upper East Side’s uber-exclusive Dalton School caused a scandal when it released a list of this year’s rejected students in a fundraising email, according to The New York Post.The email reportedly included the names of those who didn’t get into the elite secondary school, as well as those who withdrew their applications — a sign that a student didn’t get in and pulled his application to save face, sources told The Post.

Apparently, the faux pas was a way for the school to increase its revenue. The Post explains:

The revealing e-mail went out as part of a fundraising effort to have school supporters lobby parents of recently rejected kids for money, sources say. Recipients, we’re told, were encouraged to make contact with the families in an effort to broker better relations and deepen the potential fund-raising pool.

According to Dalton’s website, applicants’ families will be informed by email on Friday whether or not their child has been accepted. It seems for a select few of very angry parents, they already know the answer.

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