Dallas Newspaper's Offensive Tweet Is A Troubling Start To Charlie Strong's Tenure At Texas

After a roller coaster few weeks, the University of Texas finally hired Charlie Strong to be the next head coach of their football team. However, a tweet sent out by the Dallas Morning News has now cast a shadow over the announcement.

On the same day the University of Texas made Strong’s hiring official, the Dallas Morning News sent out this tweet, linking to a slideshow about the new Longhorns coach (see screengrab below):

“Why he’s not a hip-hop coach; 10 things you might not know about new Texas Longhorns coach Charlie Strong.”

While “hip-hop coach” is a reference to a 2010 quote from ESPN analyst Lou Holtz (which is equally troubling), the Morning News took the quote out of context and used it draw attention to a slideshow about the first black coach of a major sport at the state’s university.

It is also troubling because the newspaper is drawing attention to Strong’s skin colour and is assuming that many of their readers didn’t know that Strong is in fact not a “hip-hop coach,” whatever that is.

Strong is not the first African-American football coach in the state of Texas (Kevin Sumlin is the current coach at Texas A&M). However, the position at the University of Texas is sacred to many and many others are watching closely to see how those in the state will react to Strong’s hiring. This tweet is not a good start.

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