Dallas Morning News Editors To Report To Ad Sales Execs

The Dallas Morning News has presented a new strategy for reaching consumers at its newspapers, one that involves some section editors reporting to sales managers, reports the Dallas Observer’s Robert Wilonsky.

That would effectively break down the Church-and-State-divide between the papers’ editorial and business sides, a historic no-no in the newspaper business.

An excerpt from a memo obtained by Wilonsky, editor Dallas Morning News editor Bob Mong tells staffers:

Today we are launching a new business segment structure as the next step toward becoming the most comprehensive and trusted partner for local businesses in attracting and retaining customers and continuing to generate important, relevant content for our consumers.

To better align with our clients’ needs, we will be organised around eleven business and content segments with similar marketing and consumer profiles including: sports, health/education, entertainment, travel/luxury, automotive, real estate, communications, preprints/grocery, recruitment, retail/finance, and SMB/Interactive.

Each segment will be led by a General Manager (GM), a newly-defined role, each reporting to Cyndy Carr, charged with analysing and growing the business by developing solutions that meet consumer needs and maximise results for our clients. Their responsibilities will include sales and business development. They will also be working closely with news leadership in product and content development.

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