PHOTOS: The Dallas Mavericks Spent Last Night Partying In Miami

Mavs Clubbing In Miami

Photo: Nickole Ferrer/Miami New Times

Several online photographers have their hands on some incriminating photos of the fans of the Miami Heat who were seen celebrating the newest NBA Champions. Some members of the Mavericks went out clubbing in Miami after winning it all, and they brought their trophy with them.Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, possibly Mark Cuban, and others posed for photos with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy at LIV, a club in the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

According to a tweet from Gustavo Escobar, Mark Cuban spent $200,000 at LIV last night. Adrian Ruhi said that Cuban actually rented out the club and pre-purchased several bottles of champagne. LIV typically caters to tourists, and it’s one of the most expensive clubs to rent out in the entire city.

Most cities would be horribly embarrassed if their hometown team provided such great hospitality to the boys from out of town who just upset their favourite group of players. Apparently, that’s not an issue in Miami. Could the Lakers ever get away with dancing in a Boston night club after beating the Celtics in the finals? Definitely not.

Jason Terry is flying like an eagle.

Dirk and company are ecstatic.

The entire group of club goers on one stage.

A man believed to be Mark Cuban is holding the trophy on the LIV floor.

Hey, where's that guy going with the trophy?!

Mark Cuban and Lil' Wayne are having a good time.

What are some other wonderful things that Twitter showed athletes doing?

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