Entire Dallas Cowboys team kneeled prior to 'Monday Night Football' game but stood during the anthem

The entire Dallas Cowboys team, including coaches, front office personnel, and owner Jerry Jones, locked arms and took a knee prior to the “Monday Night Football” game against the Arizona Cardinals, however, the team then stood for the national anthem.

Lisa Salter of ESPN spoke with Cowboys executive vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson, the team decided to take a knee together “as a statement for equality and as a representation of unity.”

Fans could be heard booing when the Cowboys took a knee.

According to Salters, Anderson added, “that’s what their players wanted to do,” and that the Cowboys players “wanted to show unity, but they were very adamant about wanting to separate that message from the national anthem.”

ESPN also reported that the Cowboys and Cardinals discussed doing something together but that negotiations fell through. The Cardinals, with the game in Arizona, eventually chose to stand in the end zone during the national anthem and locked arms with members of the military.

You can see the entire scene unfold here:



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