The Cowboys have lost several players to suspension and now they are facing a stiff fine from the NFL

According to, the Dallas Cowboys will have to pay a $250,000 fine for having 3 suspended players on their roster per the NFL’s remittance policy.

More than anything, this is just the latest in a string of ugly news to hover over the team in recent years.

Per ESPN, “The club remittance policy was created to hold teams accountable for acquiring players who have violated various NFL policies, by fining the teams an amount that equals up to 25 per cent of the worth of the suspended players’ salaries.”

Now, the explanation says that the policy holds teams accountable for acquiring players, but it probably holds them accountable for players already on the roster as well.

The three players in question are linebacker Rolando McClain (suspended 10 games), and defensive ends DeMarcus Lawrence (suspended 4 games) and Randy Gregory (suspended 4 games, but could face a longer suspension after a new violation). Not only are their suspensions problematic because they are talented players at key positions, but now the team will have to pay money on top of missing their presence.

For a team just named Forbes’ most valuable team in the world, $250,000 won’t make owner Jerry Jones quake in his boots, but the real issue lies in the simple fact that they will have to pay the fine. For a team that’s spent several years mired in one controversy after another, this definitely hurts.

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