Here's The $2 Million, Tricked-Out Bus That The Dallas Cowboys Are Bringing To The NFL Combine

dallas cowboys new bus cabin

Photo: Dallas Morning News screenshot

The Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones have a brand new toy — a luxury bus that may have cost $2 million.The Dallas Morning News reports that the 45-foot-long bus has nine TVs, room for 20 guests, and secret ice boxes all over the place.

The old bus has two million miles on it, and this one will replace it at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

The Dallas Morning News did a video tour of the new ride, and it’s pretty spectacular.

This is the driver, Emery Tyler. He put more than 2 million miles on the team's original bus

The main cabin, which can be widened by a foot when the bus is parked

There's seating for 20 people, and nine TVs

Everything is controlled by this universal remote

Including the TVs and shades

The Cowboys logo is etched into the floor, and there is Cowboys memorabilia everywhere

There's a full kitchen

The refrigerator is looking a little sparse

There are secret ice chests around the bus

The bathroom

Here's where Cowboys brass will spend the combine

There's a retractable awning

And, of course, there's a flat-screen TV on the side of the bus

Watch the entire video over at the Dallas Morning News

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