Dalio's Bridgewater Still Tops Billion Dollar Club

raydalio tbi

Yep, Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates is still the largest hedge fund around, with $37 billion in assets, and it’s also the highly rated by investors. Looks like it was a good idea to not participate in the PPIP after all.

AR (the new mag that merged Alpha and Absolute Return) ranked the top 10 hedge funds and here it goes:

-Bridgewater Associates  $37 billion

-JPMorgan $36. Billion ( JPMorgan Asset Management $18.6 billion and Highbridge Capital Management $17.4 billion)

-Paulson & Co. $27.2 billion

-D.E. Shaw Group $26.7 billion

-Soros Fund Management NY $24 billion

-Goldman Sachs Asset Management $20.8 billion

-Och-Ziff Capital Management Group  $20.70 billion

-Baupost Group MA $19 billion

-Farallon Capital Management $18 billion

-Angelo, Gordon & Co. $17 billion

-Avenue Capital Group $17.billion

-Renaissance Technologies $ 17 billion

Bridgewater also obtained in 50.40 points (out of 60 possible) in the mag’s hedge fund report card, which used criteria including: alignment of interests; independent oversight ; alpha generation; transparency; infrastructure and  liquidity terms.

Following Bridgewater were Tudor Investment with 50 points, Paulson, with 49.79 points, JPMorgan-Highbridge Capital, with Management 48 points and Taconic Capital Advisors with 47.67 points.


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