A Thief Just Made Off With A $150,000 Salvador Dali Painting From A New York Gallery

Art Dali

Photo: Venus Over Manhattan Art Gallery

On Thursday night a slight, unspectacular individual approached Salvador Dali’s 1949 watercolor “Cartel des Don Juan Tenorio” at the brand new Venus Over Manhattan Art Gallery on the Upper East Side, asked a guard if he could snap a picture of it, and reportedly snatched the $150,000 work while the officer was looking away, according to the New York Daily News. Venus’s owner Adam Lindemann and his family are no strangers to controversy. His father is oil and radio magnate George Lindemann, who’s worth $2.2 billion according to Forbes. In earlier times, the elder Lindemann was convicted of electrocuting his show horse for insurance money. The younger now writes an art column for The New York Observer and is generally seen as a bad-boy collector. 

The Lindemann’s have more than enough money to offset the six-figure loss, but they and the art community should be increasingly concerned with the recent pattern of brazen art snatch and grabs.

We’ve seen this strategy —  singular, rapid, low-volume theft — employed often of late. Last summer an unassuming man made off with a $100,000 Mark Ecko print from the artist’s very own office and a month before that, a well-dressed thief snatched a Picasso drawing off of the wall in San Francisco. More recently, according to the New York Daily News, thieves stole a $30,000 Steven Parrino and various Ellen Harvey paintings from separate galleries in New York. 

Check out the surveillance video below, courtesy of the New York Daily News.

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