Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen gives a passionate explanation on why every football fan should support athletes taking part in protests

The ongoing protests against police brutality and systemic racism seen across the NFL have received widespread attention the past few days.

Many have weighed in with their opinions on the protests, including LeBron James and President Donald Trump. On Monday, Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen gave one of the clearest, heartfelt explanations you’ll hear on the protests from anyone other than the players themselves.

Hansen is a fixture in Dallas sports media and has used his “Unplugged” segments to speak about issues ranging from the inanity of those against Michael Sam when he joined the NFL to the problems with bringing Greg Hardy to the Cowboys after his history of domestic violence. On Monday, he used his time to explain to those that have been against the protests what they mean, why they are important, and why every American should support the players who are taking part.

Hansen, a veteran of the Vietnam War, gives a heartfelt explanation as to why those taking part in the protest are in no way disrespecting the flag or the armed service men and women who defend it.

“The young black athletes are not disrespecting America or the military by taking a knee during the anthem, they are respecting the best thing about America. It’s a dog whistle to the racist among us to say otherwise. They, and all of us, should protest how black Americans are treated in this country, and if you don’t think white privilege is a fact, you don’t understand America.”

Hansen also made a point to compare Trump’s responses to the peaceful protests of black athletes and the hate-filled rallies that overtook Charlottesville earlier in the summer.

“It has not gone unnoticed that Trump has spoken out against the Mexicans that want to come to America for a better life, against the Muslims, and now against the Black Athlete. But he says nothing, for days, about the white men who marched under a Nazi flag in Charlottesville, except to remind us that there were good people there. And when he finally tried to  say the right thing, not one of them was called a SOB, or should be fired.”

You can watch the entirety of Hansen’s segment below.

Always listen to Dale Hansen. pic.twitter.com/T29uF03Whg
— Jason Gallagher (@jga41agher) September 26, 2017

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