Violence Flares As British Police Try To Evict Dale Farm travellers

It looks like the Dale Farm eviction has become violent, as British police move in to evict the residents of the campsite after their legal fight finished.

The Telegraph reports that when police arrived this morning they found a former Russian military vehicle blocking their entrance.

Police in riot gear have entered the campsite, with the BBC reporting three arrests and two people tasered. A website set up by the travellers lists a number of alleged acts of violence by police officers, including one that allegedly left a woman seriously injured in hospital.

travellers have begun starting fires and thrown rocks at police officers, according to the Essex police Twitter account.

The Telegraph has video of one travellers indicating they will protest outside Parliament on November 5:

ITV News has more footage of clashes (at the end you can see one protester, presumably seriously hurt, being led to an ambulance):

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