Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins First Race In Four Years Thanks To Batman

We still think the Batmobile in the background is cooler

Photo: Geoff Burke/Getty Images

When Dale Earnhardt Jr. ended a 143-race win-less streak on Sunday, he did so in a new car, one promoting “The Dark Knight Rises.”It’s been four years since his last victory, and apparently all he needed was a little push from the Caped Crusader to get back to the winners circle. 

Earnhardt, a fan of the superhero since childhood, even gave a nod to Batman after he won the race.

“I used to watch the original TV series when I was little and I’d seen the first movie that they made with Michael Keaton, and every one after that,” said Earnhardt. “Being a car guy, I can get into that part of the movie and understand the Batmobile as an icon of film.”

“The Dark Knight Rises” opens nationwide July 20.

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