Dale Earnhardt Jr. Wins Second Daytona 500 In Dramatic Fashion

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won his second Daytona 500 but it did not come without some drama on the final laps.

Junior clearly had the strongest car down the stretch as he stayed in front with little help from teammates or competitors and looked like he was going to coast to his second win at the Daytona 500.

But with less than five laps remaining, Earnhardt was leading a caution lap when a piece of BearBond (think really large piece of duct tape) was loose on the track and got swept up into Junior’s grill.

At one point, Junior’s pit told him to try and get close to the pace car to see if the piece of debris would come loose, possibly even rubbing up against the pace care.

While there was concern the BearBond was covering the grill and would cause the car to overheat, it turns out the tape was only barely covering the narrow opening to the grill and may have actually helped Junior down the stretch by making his car more aerodynamic.

Earnhardt was able to hold off the competition and he won the race to the checkered flag, 10 years after winning his first Daytona 500.

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