US Military Hero Rips Into Ron Paul Over His Murdered Veteran Tweet

Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer

Photo: nnwo via Flickr

Dakota Meyer is as famous in the Marine Corps for disobeying orders as he is for wearing a Medal of honour around his neck. So it comes as no surprise that he would respond when Ron Paul fired out this tweet about legendary SEAL sniper Chris Kyle:

From Meyer:

Implicit in his statement on Twitter, it seems, is the point that it’s literally OK now to murder our nation’s vets. It would be deserved, just deserts for American combat veterans. What?!

I suppose this logic would also apply to law-enforcement officers, as well, since they take on similar roles within our shores of trying to defend and protect our citizens. With the recent spate of gun violence, Paul can certainly now be accused of inspiring other mentally unstable people to attack war heroes.

Meyer personally knew Kyle, and neither of the men were renowned for keeping tight lipped about when they perceive an injustice. Kyle had recently spoke about the nation’s brewing obsession over new gun laws, and Meyer alleges he was fired from his job because he called out his employer, BAE, a British defence contracting firm, for selling restricted weapons to Pakistan.

Paul has himself been outspoken about the war and America’s habit of arming various rebel groups. Although, using the murder of a SEAL at a gun range might not have been the best piece of leverage to illustrate his distaste for American military adventurism.

For Meyer, Paul’s excuses for why he denigrated the death of an American hero just don’t cut the Mustard:

But let’s, at the very least, wait until the police finish investigating and the facts come out, as they unquestionably will, before jumping to ridiculous conclusions and commenting on what we don’t know, can’t yet understand and should leave to the authorities to sort out first.


Regardless, Paul’s Tweet was insane and further demonstrates to the rest of the country what seems now obvious: Washington is the problem. Paul is the problem. People going off half-cocked and treating veterans with contempt are the problem. 

The title of Meyer’s post — “What were you thinking?” — hits the nail on the head here, considering that veterans overwhelming favoured Paul’s presidential primary race, funding it to the tune of 10:1 compared with other candidates.

I encourage everyone to read the Meyer’s entire piece, which is published on


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