Daisy Ridley is suddenly hiding her hair, and it's driving 'Star Wars' fans nuts

Daisy ridleyInstagram/Daisy RidleyWhat are you hiding, Daisy?

“Star War” sets are notoriously secret — so much so that Daisy Ridley has had to watch what she posts on social media.

“The Force Awakens” actress and star of the upcoming “Episode VIII” shares parts her life with fans on her Instagram account, and commonly posts are her #FitnessFriday videos.

She posted a #WorkoutWednesday post July 6, because she wasn’t sure she’d have time to squeeze in a gym visit on Friday, but this video was slightly different than the rest.

While working out, Ridley wore a pillowcase on her head to shield her Rey hairstyle from fans.

“Ran to the gym between different set ups so wore a pillowcase on my head to protect my REY HAIRSTYLE from Instagram’s gaze,” she captioned the video with a smirk.

Why can’t she show us Rey’s hairstyle? What’s so different about it in “Episode VIII?” Is it all just a ploy to mess with “Star Wars” fans? We can’t say for certain, but she did call herself a “top employee” and “secrecy queen.”

Even though she can’t reveal too much from filming, she did post a photo of a beautiful set location.

Now, we just have to wait 18 months for the film’s planned release — or at least until a trailer gives us a glimpse.

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