Alleged Maryville Rape Victim Tells Her Story: 'I Fell Into A Dark Abyss'

Daisy Coleman, the teenager at the center of the Maryville, Mo. rape case,
has taken to xoJane.comto blog about what she says really happened the night of the alleged attack.

The county prosecutor decided to reopen Daisy’s case once the media firestorm hit, fuelled by The Kansas City Star’s investigation into the reported rape and alleged cover-up.

Coleman accused Matthew Barnett, a popular football player at her high school, of giving her alcohol and raping her at a party at his house in 2012.

Nodaway County prosecutor Robert Rice dropped felony charges against Barnett a few months later. Rice said there wasn’t enough evidence and that the Colemans stopped cooperating in the investigation, which the family denies.

Daisy wrote for xoJane:

I sat on the couch and gathered familiar faces from the room. Four of Matt’s friends were there. Matt emerged from one of the bedrooms with a bottle of clear alcohol he wanted me to drink. This is when one of Matt’s friends suggested I drink from a tall shot glass, which they labelled the “bitch cup.”

About five shots tall, I drank it. I guess I didn’t know how badly it would mess me up. But the boys who gave it to me did.

Then it was like I fell into a dark abyss. No light anywhere. Just dark, dense silence — and cold. That’s all I could ever remember from that night. Apparently, I was there for not even an entire hour before they discarded me in the snow.

Read Daisy’s full account at >

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