Daimler Slows Mercedes Production


Faced with declining demand, Daimler has reduced Mercedes-Benz work weeks to four-day—and in some cases, three-day—periods.

Luxist: This week Daimler announced that it is reducing the working week at its largest Mercedes-Benz factory, the Sindelfingen factory near Stuttgart, Germany. BBC News reports that the factory will implement a four-day working week from January 12 until at least the end of March and there may even be some three-day weeks in the mix.

The AP says that Daimler has also announced a reduced work week at the Rastatt plant in southern Germany. Workers there will be facing four-day work weeks and occasional three-day work weeks from January 12 until the end of February.

Fortunately, workers are protected by a deal that prevents them from being fired until 2011. Hope the recession will be over by then.