Dailymotion To Stream Hulu Videos

Web video site Hulu signs up another distribution partner: Dailymotion, the French YouTube, will get access to stream Hulu’s library of 40,000 TV shows, movies, etc.

This is a nice deal for Dailymotion, which will get more premium content to sell banner ads around. (And, we assume, a revenue share for in-stream ads from Hulu — a Dailymotion rep declined to comment.)

What’s it mean for Hulu? A nice potential viewership lift, but probably not huge.

Dailymotion streamed 38.9 million videos to 6.5 million unique U.S. viewers in January, according to comScore. Hulu, meanwhile, streamed 250.5 million videos to 24.4 million viewers. (And the U.S.-only deal doesn’t help overseas, where almost 90% of Dailymotion’s Web visitors live.)


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