Check Out The Luxurious Rooftop Offices Of "The French YouTube": Dailymotion

Dailymotion office

Dailymotion is often billed as “the French YouTube“, but they’d like to be our YouTube too.

The main operation is still back in Europe, but the company has a New York office too. A really nice New York office.

Dailymotion shares the top floor of an office building a block away from Union Square, complete with a wide open rooftop patio, and great views in all four directions.

They say the rent isn’t all that unreasonable. We’d like to meet their real estate agent.

Check out Dailymotion’s awesome rooftop digs >

The penthouse at 80 5th Ave is on the 17th floor. Dailymotion is on the 18th.

Julia Benedict, Account Executive, is greeted at the entrance by Joy Marcus, General Manager for Dailymotion's US operation

The elevator opens up into Voodoovox's office. This patio-side hallway connects the two startups.

Here's the patio in question. Joy says the space is a powerful recruiting tool, and we believe her.

Except in the dead of winter, the Dailymotion team does as much as they can out here: they take calls and have meetings outside, and during the spring and summer, they host screenings and live music.

Some things have to be done inside. Sadly for Sebastien Adgnot, developer, staring at a computer screen is one of them.

As an intern, Alex Poterack is about as far from a terrific view as you can be in Dailymotion's office. Which is to say, about 15 feet.

Colin Parks Fried, Content Manager, has a great corner spot.

Craig Miller, Account Manager, clearly found something amusing about our visit.

Dailymotion's conference room looks out on the patio on one end, and this view on the other. Not too shabby if you have to be inside.

Dailymotion is a French company, and they keep a few reminders of the old country lying around the office

If the 18th floor isn't good enough for you, you can go up under this water tower, where the views are *really* good.

The boss will never find you up here

The Empire State Building!

That building with the flag in the distance is Google's, so Dailymotion can keep an eye on YouTube at all times.

Voodoovox is in charge of the posters, so things with 'voodoo' in the title are a theme.

These common areas looking out on the patio are shared with Voodoovox.

Only one of the building's elevators goes all the way up to the 18th floor, so be prepared to wait around for your ride back to the ground.

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