Trevor Noah takes a dark, hilarious look at a Donald Trump presidency on ‘The Daily Show’

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On the Halloween episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah gave his audience a terrifying look into the future if Donald Trump were elected president.

In the bit, it’s four years into the future, Trump is up for re-election, and Noah has been in hiding for years. He takes this opportunity to use a pirate broadcast in order to influence others not to re-elect Trump.

“I’m risking my life and yours just broadcasting the show,” Noah said. “But with the election just days away, it’s a risk worth taking, people. It’s like getting a chance with Beyonce, but you don’t have any condoms. You gotta do it. So what if she has something. She probably does, but you gotta do it.”

In this dark future, Trump has used the libel laws to close down every news service. The only available source of news is TNN, the Trump News Network.

“I will never forget the day they took John Oliver away,” Noah said of his former “Daily Show” colleague and current host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.”

We then see Oliver arrested by police as he begs them to let him finish a segment on the nationwide problem of egg safety standards.

Trump’s political enemies, such as Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence, are imprisoned or run out of the country, or even worse, the planet. Apparently, the Obamas escaped to Mars.

“Right now, Michelle [Obama] is teaching little fat aliens to get in shape,” Noah said.

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