The Daily Show Hilariously Slams The Campaigns For Explicitly Pandering To Voters

The Daily Show highlighted one problem with the American presidential elections Tuesday night: the excessive pandering efforts by both Democratic and Republican campaigns to earn elusive undecided votes.

In the wake of President Barack Obama’s announcement to shift his administration’s deportation policy, which is also seen as an attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters, correspondents John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac extended invitations for cats and dead people to also cast their votes. 

“Aren’t either of the campaigns concerned that this type of scorched-earth politicking is going to make it more difficult to fix the problems facing America?” asked show host John Stewart.

Oliver and Cenac laughed uproariously. “The purpose of elections isn’t to fix the problems facing the country,” Oliver said.

“It’s to WIN!” echoed Cenac. 

Watch the entire segment here:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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