Today, we’re pleased to present War Room‘s newest feature, “Daily Million-Dollar Idea.” Here’s the deal:

Everyone has business ideas stashed away in their brains, but they’re often afraid to share them.  But if it’s an idea you really want to go for, you NEED outside opinions.

Submit your flash of brilliance to War Room.  We’ll post the ones we think are promising and you’ll get other readers’ opinions on whether your concept is absolutely brilliant or a complete bomb.

Here’s the first million-dollar idea:


Photo: Screenshot

The Idea: ThickButtonsEntrepreneur: Dmitri Lisitski

What It Is: ThickButtons is a free download for touchscreen Android phones. As the user types a letter on the virtual keyboard, ThickButtons predicts which letters are least likely to follow and shrinks them. Meanwhile, the keys more likely to be used grow larger. Typos could become a thing of the past.

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Have a million dollar idea of your own? Send it to [email protected] and see if it stands up to our critical readers. Just be sure to include your name and a photo of yourself, or your idea, in the email.

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