The Mail's Front Page On Intimidation By Scottish Independence Campaigners Is Brutal

The Daily Mail appears to be trying to derail support for Scottish independence one day before the referendum by painting “Yes” campaigners as thugs.

Pro Scottish National Party activists aren’t helping their cause, of course. Yesterday Labour Party leader Ed Miliband was forced to abandon a pro-union “No” campaign stop when he was surrounded and jostled by Yes campaigners in Edinburgh. The video below shows it must actually have been quite scary for Miliband — he ended up being penned in by Yes activists into a tiny space in a dark shopping center.

The National Union of Journalists has complained that “Yes” activists have threatened violence against reporters trying to cover the vote.

That’s the context, here’s the Mail’s cover:

We saw it first via Radio 4/World at One editor Nick Sutton, on Twitter.

Here’s the Miliband video:

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