Daily Dose Of Counter-Narrative

We’re going to try out a new daily feature here at Clusterstock, which we’re calling Daily Dose Of Counter-Narrative. The basic idea: each day we’ll point to some business or economics story that doesn’t fit with the narrative that everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

This isn’t just because we sometimes get accused of being too negative (though that’s part of it), but more importantly, it’s always smart to force yourself to think this way. It’s really, really easy to be negative right now and to pluck scare story after scare story (credit card debt in the toilet, foreclosures, shipping industry collapsing, Chinese manufacturing shrinking). Even if the good story is flimsy, they at least make for good thought practice.

Now unfortunately, we haven’t yet found today’s Daily Dose of Counter-Narrative (pretty telling), so we’re asking you to submit some ideas, either in the comments or via email (jweisenthalATalleyinsiderDOTcom).

Hat tip on the idea to politics reporter Marc Ambinder who’s been doing a regular Counterevidence Watch series, looking for stories that augur well for John McCain

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