Daily Beast's Tina Brown On Creating A 'Subculture Of Impoverished Writers'

Tina BrownTina Brown on Charlie Rose.

“We do pay for content on the Daily Beast but,” Daily Beast’s Tina Brown told Charlie Rose last night, “you’re not gonna get rich on what we pay.”Brown was on Rose’s PBS show to push the Beast’s Women in the World Summit, which starts today.

Rose brought up Jason Epstein’s piece in the New York Review of Books about The Revolutionary Future and how the current fragility of copyright could lead to “impoverish writers,” as Rose put it.

“He’s simply raising the point that we’re all confronting all the time in our profession,” she said.

So are we building this new sort of subculture, frankly, of impoverished, living in garret writers? Because the fact is that writers can hardly make a living right now because they can’t get paid. The same is true of song writers and the same is true of so many other artists today. We’re actually relegating great people to not be able to make a living.” 

So how do we fix it? Charlie asked.

“I think we haven’t figured it out,” she said. We’re in a “volatile moment of absolute realignment” and “it’s a painful interim for writers and artists. “They feel absolutely beached.”

But eventually new media will figure out the new business models. “There’s a golden future,” Tina concluded.

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