The New Daft Punk Album Is Going To Change Your Life

Daft Punk billboard in NYCA Daft Punk posted on Hester Street in NYC

Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the longest, most epic album roll-out in music history, and maybe you have — either way, Daft Punk’s long awaited new album “Random Access Memories” is almost upon us.

It’s out next week officially, but you can stream it on iTunes now.

For weeks mysterious leaks (both legitimate and illegitimate) have teased fans around the world. To ease some of the suffering, the faithful have been playing the single, ‘Get Lucky’ on repeat and watching video interviews with the album’s illustrious producers in a video series called ‘Daft Punk: the Collaborators.’

Slowly, posters announcing the coming of ‘The Robots’ (as the French duo are often called) started appearing in cities around the world.

That’s all well and good for the dance heads and beat detectives that have been waiting for this for years — It’s even better for everyone else. Daft Punk is about to change all our lives, or at least our weekends.

Think about it: Now that the album is out, it’s going to be everywhere. It will be in bars that play Rhianna and at sporting events to get the crowd clapping.

You’ll hear it right after a Taylor Swift track while you’re waiting in line at the drug store, it will be recommended to you on iTunes and Spotify.

Everyone will be talking about it and debating its merits. To compare it to Daft Punk’s older work, the old hits will start playing too. It’s inevitable.

This is going to be a global discussion. No one will be safe from The Robots.

And that’s probably a good thing. The concept behind ‘Random Access Memories’ is that to get away from the electronic dance music production that has gotten so ubiquitous. Yes, Daft Punk is an electro duo, and the album will keep their sound, but for this instalment , the Robots were looking for live instruments and classic production.

To do that, they stacked the album with some of the most brilliant minds in popular music today. Producers include Pharrell, Giorgio Moroder, and the great Nile Rogers.

If you’re not familiar with Moroder, you should know that he is the mind behind some of disco queen Donna Summer’s greatest hits like ‘I Feel Love’ and ‘Love to Love You Baby.’

As for Nile Rogers, his work is IMPOSSIBLE not to recognise. He’s one of the most powerful, hidden forces in pop music. His sound is all around you. He’s the founder of Chic, Sister Sledge and a number of other inescapable disco acts.

Rogers is also responsible for a number of classic albums, including Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ album and David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance,’ to name just a few.

In other words, Daft Punk brought in the big guns.

So whether your a fan of dance music or not, prepare for an onslaught of Daft Punk. The Robots are coming, and they are welcome.

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