Dads Everywhere Can't Get Enough Of Their New Selfie Sticks

Dads can't get enough of their selfie can’t get enough of their selfie sticks

There is no gift more perfectly “dad” than a selfie stick.

“This year, dads everywhere got their hands on some selfie sticks, and the photos could only be described as ‘peak dad,'” Selena Larson at the Daily Dot reports.

A selfie stick plays into every deep set desire in a dad’s heart.

He loves the practicality of the stick —  it lets him fit more people into the photo!

He can take pictures from wacky new angles.

It allows him to mortify his children with endless new family photo opportunities, and it’s just hip enough for a dad to feel “on trend” with his tween kids.

Unlike the teens they aim to imitate, many dads love to include the actual stick in their selfies. “I think it is cool to have the selfie stick in the selfie,” Jon Steinberg, Mail Online CEO and father of two, told us. 

This holiday season hundreds of fathers across the country were blessed with selfie sticks and could barely contain their joy.

Here are some of our favourites:

Omg I love my selfie stick

A photo posted by Jon Steinberg (@jonsteinberg) on

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