This dad uses Photoshop to turn his kids' drawings into reality -- and the results are terrifying

Thingsihavedrawnthingsihavedrawn/InstagramTom Curtis, as drawn by his son, Dom.

Some parents hang their kids’ drawings on the fridge. Tom Curtis uses them to create images of his own.

Thanks to Curtis’ Photoshop skills, every squiggly line and disproportionate limb takes on a creepy but charming quality when rendered in a more realistic form.

Redditors can’t get enough of his creations, and his Instagram account, thingsihavedrawn, has passed 44,000 followers.

Tom Curtis works in content marketing in the UK, but it's his own content that's going viral.

On his Instagram account @thingsihavedrawn, he takes his son's drawings...

And uses Photoshop to bring them to life.

The results are somewhere between adorable and creepy.

Like this portrait of Curtis that looks harmless as a cartoon...

Then forays into the uncanny valley.

The 'uncanny valley' describes a phenomenon in which images appear human, but are not quite right and thus cause a sense of unease.

Not all of Curtis' images are frightening, like this clownfish that's cute enough to be a scene-stealer in 'Finding Nemo.'

Or this harmlessly ill-proportioned penguin.

Inanimate objects are also fair game, like the new family car.

The father-son team's imaginative, unnerving photos hit the front page of Reddit.

'I think Dom and I are going viral,' Curtis tweeted when @thingsihavedrawn passed 44,000 followers.


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