A dad has taken selfies with his kids almost every day since they were born, and the results are adorable

CourtesyEric and ‘CaSH’ in one of their selfies.
  • Eric and Mindy have two children, nicknamed “CaSH” and “Moo.”
  • Eric has taken selfies with the kids almost every day since they were born.
  • It’s an adorable (and amazing) way to watch them grow up and capture memories that would otherwise not have been photographed.
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Kids grow up so fast.

To make sure he doesn’t miss a thing, Eric, who requested we use his first name only, has taken a selfie with his two children almost every day since they were born.

It started when he and his wife Mindy had their son, nicknamed “CaSH” (his real name has been omitted for privacy). From his first days home from the hospital to tummy time and crawling, Eric snapped daily photos to capture both milestones and mundane moments. The tradition has continued with their daughter, nicknamed “Moo,” and Mindy as a regular guest star.

Keep scrolling to see their adorable collection of their daddy-baby selfies.

Before embarking on his mission to take daily daddy-baby selfies, Eric was already known among friends as somewhat of a selfie enthusiast.

CourtesyEric and his five-day-old son.

A Facebook post he wrote in 2014 joking about clever names for different kinds of selfies (“gelfie” = group selfie, “welfie” = walking selfie) sparked an amusing comment thread on his profile and gave him the idea to take regular selfies with his kids.

“By the time our first child was born, I’d become the unofficial king of selfies in our circle of friends, so I joked with Mindy how great it would be to take a daily selfie with our baby,” he told INSIDER.

CourtesyAt 15 days old.

Dad and baby sported matching yawns when CaSH was just over two weeks old.

“But then we both thought for a second and realised that it really WOULD be great if we could have a way of documenting our kid’s growth.”

CourtesyAt 44 days old.

Coordinated father-son outfits were also photographed for posterity.

When their son, nicknamed CaSH, was born, Eric took a selfie with him almost every day.

CourtesyHere he is at 57 days old.

His real name has been omitted for privacy.

The photos capture adorable memories that may not have been preserved otherwise.

CourtesyAt 74 days old.

“It started as more of a joke, but very quickly became a great way to share with friends and preserve for ourselves all these little moments that we might not otherwise have taken photos of,” he said.

Throughout the collection of selfies, CaSH slowly becomes more aware of the camera.

CourtesyAt 87 days old.

Babies can start seeing colours and focusing on objects at around three or four months old.

Sometimes he appears a little camera shy.

CourtesyAt 118 days old.

Eric and Mindy paused for an “orchidelfie” at a botanical garden.

Then he learns to smile.

CourtesyAt 132 days old.

The photos just get even cuter from there.

Eric says the most challenging part of taking a selfie every day has been the exhaustion that comes with being a new parent.

CourtesyAt 154 days old.

“Taking a selfie easily gets deprioritized when you’re just trying to figure out what to have for dinner, how to squeeze in a visit to the doctor’s office, how long the commute will be, and at what time our parents are swinging by,” he said.

Not every selfie shows a picture-perfect version of life with a new baby, either.

CourtesyAt 160 days old.

“One thing that getting into this habit brought us was that we sometimes documented the stressful times, too,” he said. “There are selfies of our son screaming and yelling, there are selfies waiting for the doctor to come into the room.”

But babies change so rapidly that they didn’t want to miss a thing.

CourtesyAt 209 days old.

Babies are constantly growing in their first year of life and usually triple their birth weight by the time they’re one year old.

Before they knew it, CaSH was snacking on solid food in a high chair.

CourtesyAt 280 days old.


And learning to crawl.

CourtesyAt 335 days old.

Blocks with different ages helped them indicate milestones.

Eric and Mindy have kept up the selfie tradition with CaSH’s younger sister, nicknamed Moo.

CourtesyCaSH at one year and 324 days old, and Moo at one day old.

Her real name has also been omitted for privacy.

The selfies aren’t daily anymore, but Eric says they still try to take the photos two or three times a week.

CourtesyCaSH at one year and 336 days old, and Moo at 13 days old.

“Now that we are dealing with two, we don’t have as much brain-space to remember to take the selfies of the mundane moments,” he said.

Eric and Mindy bought a digital photo frame to display the hundreds of selfies they have taken over the years.

CourtesyCaSH at two years and 71 days old, and Moo at 113 days old.

Eric says that the kids love narrating the slideshow of photos, and that friends enjoy watching the first years of their lives as a family unfold.

They really do grow up so fast.

CourtesyCaSH at two years and 191 days old and Moo at 233 days old.

“Of course we would have noticed at some point, but I think the day-by-day experience helps keep it clear just how much they grow each and every day,” Eric said. “Their faces and minds are changing all the time and we get to see it up close.”

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