This dad uses Photoshop to turn his son into a giant that toys with famous landmarks in awesomely surreal scenarios

The INSIDER Summary:

• Adrian Sommeling is a photographer, graphic designer, and artist who Photoshops his son onto famous landmarks with surreal proportions.
• He’s inspired by watching his son and remembering his own childhood.

Adrian Sommeling
‘s 10-year-old son can grow hundreds of feet with just a few clicks.

The Netherlands-based photographer, graphic designer, and artist has a fine arts background, but enjoys using Photoshop to create surreal scenarios.

His vividly detailed images star his son as a giant who toys around with famous landmarks. Sometimes, he even makes an appearance himself.

Adrian Sommeling is a photographer, graphic designer, and artist based in the Netherlands.

He started out drawing and painting with his mother, also an artist, before moving into digital design.

'I loved to paint photorealistic, and this was actually a good base for the work I am doing now,' he said.

He loves telling stories with his images, which feature his 10-year-old son as the protagonist.

'It's a bit like painting, but instead (of) paint, a real brush, and canvas, I use photos and Photoshop to create the images that pop up in my mind.'

Sommeling says he often thinks in images.

'If somebody tells me something, all kinds of images immediately pop up in my head,' he said.

The inspiration for the surrealist photos starring his son comes from watching him be a kid and remembering his own youth.

'When I see him growing up, I remember my own childhood and this inspires me to create these scenes,' he said.

'It's a bit my son's fantasy and my memories from the past.'

He also finds inspiration in famous buildings and landmarks.

'Landmarks, the news, a fun conversation with friends, and music can all be a source of inspiration,' he said. 'Inspiration is all around us.'

His son used to be surprised by the photos, wondering how it was possible to see himself somewhere he'd never been.

'Now he looks at it and just smiles,' Sommeling said. 'And sometimes he corrects me, if it doesn't look real enough yet!'

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