This little girl has the best words of encouragment for her dad while he does her hair

Dad daughter hair
Derrick Culpepper and his daughter, Linda. Youtube/Derrick Culpepper

Doing hair can be a tough job — so it helps to have a little encouragement along the way. Luckily, Derrick Culpepper gets plenty of it from his adorable daughter, Linda. 

Last year, Culpepper shot a video while he styled Linda’s hair in pigtails. The whole time, Linda watches intently in the mirror, offering instructions and supportive words (“You’re almost done! You’re doing a good job!”) for her dad.

“I have been a barber pretty much all my life and still find it difficult to style my daughter’s hair,” Culpepper wrote in the video’s description on Youtube. “My three-year-old daughter keeps me encouraged.”

On Tuesday, the Because of them We Can project shared the video on Twitter, where it was retweeted almost 60,000 times.  

Culpepper told BuzzFeed that the video depicts a fairly standard morning — he and his wife share hair duties equally. He also said he makes a point of capturing sweet interactions like these on video.

“I try to do the best I can to capture some of these moments,” he told BuzzFeed. “You don’t know the moments are coming and by the time you get the camera it’s usually too late.”

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