A photographer combined two of your favourite things — dad bods and dogs — to raise awareness for pet adoption

Courtesy of Ricki Beason Rescue PhotographyEveryone deserves to get pampered.

Ricki Beason is a photographer based out of Dallas, Texas, that focuses on photographing rescue animals. For 2019, she’s created the “Dad Bods and Dogs” calendar, which combines two of our favourite things: dad bods and cute pups.

The calendar is meant to raise awareness for pet adoption, as each featured pup is up for adoption. The dogs featured in the calendar all come from three shelters in Dallas: The Love Pit Rescue, Rescue Row, and Asastia’s Angels.

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The “Dad Bods and Dogs” calendar showcases men and their furry friends doing everyday activities.

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Beason said she started doing rescue photography to “change the stigma that is out there about shelter and rescue dogs.”

“You see these pictures of a sad and dejected dog behind shelter bars, you may get sympathy and pity out of people, but I don’t want people to always see the dog in that negative light,” she added.

She continued, “I want people to see the ‘after’ — after they have been saved and rescued with their cute smiles and tail wags so they are encouraged to bring this happy and goofy puppy into their home as their new best friend.”

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But why focus on “dad bods?” Beason told INSIDER that she used to create a successful calendar called “Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs” that featured shirtless firemen, veterans, and police officers from all over Texas with rescue dogs.

But she realised that there were way too many “sexy men” calendars out there, and that she needed to make a change in order to differentiate hers from all the others.

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Hence: dad bods. Her new calendar focuses on “attractive men that look like your every day ‘good guy,’ in your every day ‘dog dad’ scenarios.”

Be careful though, there are a few summer foods you should never share with your dog, like grapes and bacon.

Beason feels that her dad bod calendar is more relatable, and that it can help people truly picture their lives with a rescue dog.

Her favourite photo was the brunch shoot (March.) “There were so many cute pups and it was mayhem, but amazing at the same time,” she explained.

“Mimosas were involved so that always makes it more fun,” she added.

Her goal, of course, is to get people to adopt these dogs, but she also wants it to “make people laugh and bring a smile to everyone’s face.”

Courtesy of Ricki Beason Rescue PhotographyEveryone needs the occasional drink

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“I feel that we have so much negativity out there that we all need a good laugh — something light-hearted to ease our spirits.”

She picked the three rescue groups, The Love Pit, Rescue Row, and Astasia’s Angels, because they’re “amazing groups that work hard to save so many dogs from all over Texas.”

Courtesy of Ricki Beason Rescue PhotographyRescue is his favourite type.

Love Pit Rescue,Rescue Row, and Astasia’s Angels Animal Rescue are all located in Dallas, Texas, and have plenty of pups ready to be adopted.

“The rescue volunteers literally put their blood, sweat, and tears into saving dogs every day, on top of their full-time job — they deserve to receive all the help they can to get their missions going strong.”

You can pre-order the calendar here, and learn more about Beason’s work here.

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