German Prosecutor Shot Dead By Defendant Inside Courtroom

Court Room

[credit provider=”Wikimedia”]

A German prosecutor in the city of Dachau has been shot dead by the defendant as a judge read out the criminal’s sentence. A number of news sources, including the BBC, report that the lawyer was shot in the arm, stomach and shoulder, later dying in hospital. The defendant produced a gun as the judge read out a sentence believed to be related to the embezzling of wages. 

According to German newspaper Bild, the judge was also an intended target for the gunman. 

It has been reported that the 54-year-old defendant has been taken into custody. The prosecutor was 31-years-old. 

UPDATE: According to a report in The Local the case was not a particularly dramatic one. It was, apparently a civil case that could have carried a maximum jail sentence of four years for the accused. It is also reported that he fired five shots in total from a revolver. 

Additionally, a DW report claims that the defendant was being scrutinized of €44,000 of social security payments he was due to have paid.