Meet the coolest video game dog we've ever seen

There are a lot of great aspects of “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” the newest game in the “Metal Gear” series. But there’s one aspect of it that stands out above all: the amazing wolf that becomes your partner, named “D-Dog.” He’s so-named for the military unit you’re a part of, “Diamond Dogs.”

Here’s D-Dog as a pup, soon after the game’s main character rescues him in the wild early on in the game:

D-Dog is all about being a puppy. Here he is puppying out pretty hard:

But soon, D-Dog grows up and becomes the tactical espionage partner you’ve always wanted in a video game. Here’s grownup D-Dog hanging out in your helicopter on the way to a mission:

KonamiD-Dog is fiercely loyal and fiercely tough.

Like the game’s main character, D-Dog has an eyepatch. When you find him as a pup, the poor little guy’s already missing an eye. That’s actually fitting, though, given that the game’s main character (known as both “Snake” and “Big Boss”) has an eyepatch himself.

When you take D-Dog out on missions, he can do lots of really helpful stuff. He can sniff out enemy locations, for instance (which he does automatically):

He can bark to distract enemies:

He can straight up jump on enemies to distract them, too:

Tired of trekking around on foot with your attack dog? Hop in a Jeep and D-Dog grabs shotgun, ready to roll on some fools:


Most importantly, D-Dog can pull some straight ninja moves on enemies, electrified knife and all:

That’s a good dog. Gooooooood dog.

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