Protesters Burn An EU Flag, As Cyprus Begins To Crumble Under The Tension

Nine years ago, Cyprus joined the European Union.

Today, some in the country appear to be regretting the decision.

On Friday, demonstrators again took to the streets to protest the EU’s terms for bailing out Cyprus’ banking sector. 

The latest is that some banks, including the country’s Laiki Bank, are likely to be wound down, while some depositors could be facing a 25 per cent tax on their bank holdings.

We reached out to Lionel Worrell, a graphic designer and photographer living in Nicosia, to send us photos he took of the protests.

Here is his description of the event, followed by a montage of photos showing the European Union’s flag getting torched:  

I decided to attend the latest demonstration in front of the Cyprus Parliament in Nicosia, where I witnessed angry employers of Laiki Bank shout at the injustice of potentially losing their jobs along with other citizens. As the days pass and Cyprus begins to run out of time to come up with a solution to this problem, the people become even more distressed about their future in these uncertain times. It is a horrible site to see as the island begins to crumble under the tension, the riot police always being on high alert to prevent any more clashes.

cyrpus protests laiki bank
cyrpus protests laiki bank
cyrpus protests laiki bank
cyrpus protests laiki bank

Thanks again to Lionel for the pics! You can check out his firm W-Designs and Photography out on Facebook, and his updates on the situation on Twitter.

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